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Dear fellow mistweavers.

I’m Snipps and I have issues.
I am constantly running low or out of mana too early during mythic raids. This is a problem, because I have cannot heal optimally, which lowers my output. This in turn will be a problem in the next raid dungeon where things will be harder. I am confident enough (as well as according to my healing officer) to say that I am a good player. However, this is not enough - I desperately need to up my performance. In addition, I as a Mistweaver could perhaps be used in a better or smarter way during raids in terms of for instance the use of Revival. Also, I focus totally on Raiding. M+ come second hand.
This whole time I feel that I am missing something essential that I cannot put my finger on. It is with this that I need your help. If you know mistweaving well, perform well and could take a look at this and give some constructive feedback (with emphasis on constructive. “You just suck” is not constructive), it will be extremely appreciated. I will give you as much info as I can think of here, so that you can perform a reasonable analysis and perhaps give me some tips or points where I can improve, or change.

1. Logs can be found on Warcraftlogs (guild Aeonic on Ravencrest), for instance this one: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Z3 ... pe=healing I picked an Ursoc fight as an example because it is straightforward and uncomplicated for a healer to heal. I usually perform well on Spiderboss and worse on Dragons.

2. Weapon.
• Current Ilvl is 877.
• Weapon has 34 Traits, APR level 16.
• Using Artifacts Unwaking slumber (SM + 10%), Bioluminescent Mushroom (Effuse +13%) and Stormfury diamond (EF + 20%).

3. Gear. Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/r ... pps/simple. I have bad luck when it comes to gear with gem slots. I used to have 2 gem slots, therefore the one current is filled with Versatility. Will be switched to Intellect. I keep “loosing” gear to rogues and the likes because everyone wants versatility. I try to do at least my mythic+ 10 each week. I spam Mythic + when I can for AP and gear.
• Alternatives to Trinkets are Heightened senses (1103 Versa, h spells can grant 1338.9 Ha and 5125 Int for 12 s) and Vial of NM Fog (1043 Crit, H spells can […] preventing the next 194690 dmg to target for 15 sec).
• My legendaries are Ei’thas Lunar glides and Leggings of the Black flame.

4. During raids I cannot rely on getting innervate from say Mage. That usually goes elsewhere.

5. Regarding Revival, I tend to be used as “spare” in case of unplanned damage. I therefore get to use Revival perhaps once during a fight. On the linked fight (Ursoc) my task was to use Revival on the third charge.

6. Looking at logs from very well performing mistweavers, I seem not to use Essence Font enough. I avoid it due to the mana issues because it costs 88 k mana.
I. My question here is HOW can you use it so often and HOW in that case do you not run out of mana?
II. I am using Mana Tea. I will macro it now to Essence Font and try to get the most of it that way since EF is so expensive. The idea is to be able to use EF more. How do you use your Mana Tea and TFT?
III. It has been pointed out to me that I use Renewing Mist on tanks too much and that I should use it on Raid instead. How do you use your RM?
From what you see here, what essential mechanic am I not understanding/missing?
I appreciate the time You take with this, I know everyone has things to do.

Thank You,

Hi Snipps,

Mana is a real issue for mistweavers this expansion, you are not alone! I am 7/7 Heroic and will be starting Mythic this week, but I have spent a large amount of time and effort trying to maximize my effectiveness. Let me start by saying that I am one of the very few “fistweaving” monks out there, so my play style is very different from almost every other monk, but it works for me. I stack haste and use Rising Thunder to get a lot of free Vivifies and extra Renewing Mists.

Looking at your logs, you seem to be doing alright for the most part. One thing I noticed is that you should probably be using Effuse less, unless you are using them with the proc from the legs. Despite it being marketed as an efficient spell, you actually get less healing per mana out of it than almost any of your other spells unless you have a very high mastery, which is not very useful for raiding.

Your ilvl is on the low end for your group and that could also have something to do with it, especially if your weapon is only 877. I would focus on using your bonus rolls for better relics. Also, I recommend using the alchemy trinket instead of Heightened Senses on fights that give you trouble with mana. It’s actually a pretty good trinket even if you aren’t having mana issues.

Regarding Revival, I tend to use mine more or less on cooldown to help conserve mana overall, but don’t do this if it will get you in trouble with your raid. Some raids are very particular about when healing cooldowns are used.

As for all of the high performing mistweavers using Essence Font so much, they are getting a ridiculous number of Innervates (I once saw a log where the mistweaver got 8 Innervates on a fight that only lasted about 3 minutes). I don’t get Innervate either, so I don’t use Essence Font very much, unless I am positive it will not overheal. keep in mind that even though it is expensive, it is actually one of our most efficient spells when it doesn’t overheal. As for Mana Tea, I don’t use it because I prefer Rising Thunder, but it can definitely help with mana issues. If you are having issues with mana, you should always be using TFT on Renewing Mist or Vivify, although you should get a lot of procs of other things as well since you have the legs (I am so jealous lol). I don’t think it really matters too much who you use Renewing Mist on since it jumps, as long as they have taken enough damage for the mastery proc to not be wasted.

To answer your question, I don’t think you are really doing anything wrong, but I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can do better.

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